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Divine Himalayan Yarsagumba

Yarsagumba (Ophiocordyceps Sinensis)

Yarsagumba is an incredible herb found in the pastures of Himalayas at an altitude ranging from 3000 meters to 4200 meters. The word Yarsagumba has been derived from a Tibetan phase: Yart Swa Gun Bu which translates as “herb in summer and insect in winter.” Yarsagumba is a dual-natured organism that initially lives a life of an insect; as a caterpillar (larvae) and rest of its life as a fungus. Yarsa is initially a yellow caterpillar which is infected by a fungus and mummified. A long stalk of the fungus sprouts out of the caterpillar’s head and shoots out of the soil which acts as an indicator for Yarsa collectors.
The world’s best Yarsa are collected from the Dolpa, Rukum, and Darchula regions of Nepal. During May and June, the entire population of these regions is engaged in Yarsa collection. Collecting a Yarsa is not an easy task. Even after a daylong hunt, a person can only collect up to 10 Yarsa in max. However, the increasing demand for Yarsa has made Yarsa collection a way of earning for livelihood to all the tribesmen residing in those remote regions of Himalayas.
Yarsagumba tastes like a mushroom that can either be eaten plain or in powdered form or by mixing it with water, milk or honey. Also known as a Himalayan Viagra, the active ingredients in Yarsagumba i.e. cordycepin and cordycepic acid are believed to boost vitality and libido and cure impotency. Likewise, it provides relief from fatigue and strengthens the immunity power of the body as well.
Yarsagumba can be considered as a natural boon to mankind as it comes with multiple health benefits. Some of its health benefits are listed below:
• It provides relief from stress, fatigue, and mental tension.
• It boosts the immunity power of the body and increases stamina.
• It keeps the lungs and kidneys healthy and strong.
• It increases sex drive in both men and women.
• It is used as a “natural Himalayan Viagra”.
• It strengthens body muscles and provides relief from the congestion of phlegm.
Divine Himalayan provides the best and exotic pieces of Yarsa from Nepalese Himalayas. Remember us for Yarsa anywhere, anytime, and in any quantity!


Divine Himalayan  Yarsagumba Collection

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