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Yarsa Conservation

 The term Yarsagumba has been derived from the Tibetan phrase 'Yart Swa Gun Bu'. It is a dual-natured organism grown in the Himalayan region at an altitude of 3000m to 5000m above sea level. Initially, it lives the life of an insect; as a caterpillar and the rest of its life as a fungus. A yellow caterpillar gets affected by fungus and then mummified.
It has a profound impact on our body if consumed regularly. This incredible herb, also known as 'Himalayan Viagra', will keep our fatigue away, reduce stress, rejuvenate the skin, boost immune power and increase libido among many other health benefits.
It is a proven fact that world premium quality and exotic Yarsa are collected from Dopla, Rukum and Darchula regions of Nepal. Each year around June, the indigenous communities of Dolpa region go in the pastures of the Himalayas for the ultimate hunt of natural treasure. This act of collecting Yarsa has been their way of living since ages as it gets sold at a price similar to that of gold. But, alteration in the climate is affecting its growth rate. It is said that "The warmer the climate gets, the less Cordyceps grow." Even after a daylong hunt, one would be lucky to find more than 10 Yarsa. Regardless of its depleting number, the tribe is involved in its collection because it is a key source of income to the family residing there.

However, Yarsagumba is in a serious decline. Overharvesting could trigger devastating changes in the mountain ecosystem and destroy the fragile local economy.
Until 2001, its sale, use and collection was banned by the government. As soon as the ban lifted, it gets difficult to cater to the trade boom. The current trend in Yarsagumba collection is unsustainable and, in the absence of rigid regulations, it could destroy the entire ecosystem.
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