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Wild Cliff Honey 500 grams

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Nature’s great gift to mankind, wild cliff honey (from Apis Laboriosa) is an exotic Himalayan product that is collected from rare plants, flowers, and Ayurvedic herbs found in the Himalayas of Nepal at altitudes ranging from 2000 meters to 4200 meters. The flora of these Himalayas includes rare Ayurvedic plants, herbs, and flowers; all enriched with potent healing characteristics.

How is the Honey extracted?

A key source of Wild Cliff Honey is the Rhododendron flower found in the Himalayan region. The nature of the Rhododendron flower results in Honey being strong & causes hallucination if taken a higher amount than recommended.
The honeybees themselves seal the outer layer with the natural goodness and preserve it for many days or even months before the honey is taken out. Skillful & compassionate locals take out the honey with patience & dedication to make sure that Honeybees are not harmed in this process.

  • Promotes sexual vitality
  • Boosts the immunity power in the body and aids in weight loss & maintenance, improves stamina, vitality, and longevity.
  • Regulates bowel movements and prevents constipation.
  • Regulates proper bodily functions
  • Purifies the blood, prevents chronic heart diseases, and cancer.
  • It alleviates weakness in the nervous system, boosts memory power, and aids in brain health.
  • Antiparasitic, Antibacterial
 Raw incredible wild cliff honey and nothing else!
Recommended consumption: This honey can have a hallucinogenic effect. It is advised to not consume in excess. However, this Honey can be consumed in moderation by people of all ages.
It is always advised to consume in lower doses of no more than a teaspoon/day.

Taste: The taste is somewhat wild, bitter, and tangy with the usual sweetness of honey. It is extremely aromatic in flavor, smell, and fragrance.

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