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Tree Plantation

In recent years, urban settlement started mushrooming which leads to deforestation and its impacts are quite visible now.
Since environmental deterioration is paving its way for the existential threat to humanity.
So, in such a pathetic scene what remedial measures are we adopting? 

We as a company aren't just concern about profit but also conscious about what can we give back to society. We're mad keen to establish a sustainable and ethical world in the long run. Thereby we have been planting trees all across Nepal for the last five years. Every year we plant around thousands of trees in different districts of Nepal. Amongst others, Nawalparasi has seen 5000 trees planted and grown so far. Planting trees alone wouldn't be enough until and unless we realize the value of preservation of available resources. We've been running campaigns on preservation for quite sometimes now and we're delighted to have the support of locals in outreaching our campaigns.

We are planning to enlarge our plantation and awareness campaign in different districts in days to come so that the greenery remains and it benefits not just us but for humanity as a whole.
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