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Spreading along the boundary of Himalayas to the middle belt (named as Hilly region), of the country; Propolis has founded its existence. Bounded with purity from the Himalayas to diverse attributes of Hilly terrains, Propolis signifies a premium Himalayan bee product that is used as a natural cure & protection for several ailments. Propolis is a resin like substance (sticky), which is used by Honeybees to build their own hives. Propolis complex compound formed of bee releases & plant-derived compounds. The plant-derived compound comes from the buds, and sap flows; from a variety of rare medicinal Ayurvedic plants, herbs, and flowers available in the Himalayas & Hilly region. These botanical plants are enriched with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Variation in the geography of the country makes agriculture very significant here in Nepal. Diverse climatic condition, air, temperature, and soil in the country of Himalayas- Nepal, has made it possible to produce healing natural medicines like Propolis. Divine Himalayan- Propolis is endowed with all the healing properties, which makes it different from the Propolis found in the rest of the world.     

 How is the Propolis extracted?
Also termed as bee glue, Propolis is a protection used against external sources while the Honey is being created. Therefore, after the Honey is being collected from the hive, propolis that is used as the protection is of no use now. Thus, they are also gently taken out from the hives. As like of Honey, Propolis is also taken out with care so that no Honeybees are affected during this process.
**Local nomadic people and Tribesmen are engaged in this entire extraction process. This has given them an opportunity to be self-sufficient and uplift living standard.
Uses and benefits:
It has anti-inflammatory properties, so used in the treatment of several ailments: asthma, diabetes, stomach problems, digestive issues, gastritis, ulcer, and cancer.
It is used in formulations for treating cold syndrome (specifically: upper-respiratory tract infections, common cold, and other flu-infections).
It is used by dermatologists in wound healing, treatment of burns, acne problems, and herpes.
It is also used in Toothpaste & Mouthwashes; for it prevents from oral diseases.
Recommended consumption: No more than 25 grams/day.
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