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Natural Forest Honey 1 Kg

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Natural Forest Honey (Jungle Honey) is collected by giant bees (Apis Dorsata) and native bees (Apis Cerana) from flower blossoms in the dense forests from the lower belt of Nepal. We then present the honey in the unadulterated form to you as pure and premium quality jungle honey.

We often take our traditional wooden hives of the native Apis Cerana bees to the forests during the flowering season for a few months and let the bees convert the floral nectars into honey. The honey thus collected is pure, luscious, and mature with multiple health benefits.

The lower belt of Nepal (named as Terai region) has a unique geography and climatic conditions than the Himalayas. The forests in this belt are dense and contain incredible diversity of flora. The good quality soil in this region gives birth to tons of Ayurvedic plants, herbs, and flowers.

How is the Honey extracted?

Divine Himalayan Natural Forest Honey is the form of non-bee farming in which Honey bees are free to make their own spaces for sealing the extracts in the wild forests.

Honeybees seal & protect the juicy extracts for many days before the skillful locals carefully work out to extract the honey. The extraction process is handled with love & care so that no Honeybees are affected in this process.

**Locals are engaged in this entire extraction process. This gives them an opportunity to be self-sufficient and uplift the quality of life
Immunity booster
Efficient source of Energy
Raw incredible Natural Forest Honey and nothing else.
 Taste: This multi-floral non-bee farming Natural Forest Honey takes completely different taste than Himalayan Mountain Honey. The combination of sweetness & s little bit of tanginess will leave different flavors lingering in your mouth !
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