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Namaste from Nepal. This beautiful country is home to incredible mountains, wide variety of wildlife and wonderful people. A country with deep roots in Ayurveda, Nepal is renowned for its wild herbs and the wonders they carry. We are Divine Himalayan and we work in bringing the same wonders to your home. And with years in this journey, we have found out the best way nature presents its taste to us is through little hardworking creatures called honeybees.

We love honeybees and the way they weave their magic. They collect honey from different plants and while doing so bring the essence of that plant in their honey. This makes Nepal, home to some of the finest honeys in the world. Each honey is unique in in taste, texture and its properties. 
Wild Cliff Honey: Our wild cliff honey is collected from sheer cliffs of Nepal from dizzying heights. It has an earthy smell and tastes full and delicious. This honey is a natural aphrodisiac and an amazing immune booster.

Rudilo Honey: Rudilo is an herb with breathtaking purple flowers found in mountains of Nepal. We leave our hives in Rudilo rich forests and let bees do the magic. This herb which has been used by locals for generations to cure fever, respiratory ailments and cold, gives honeybees a great source to gather honey from. The honey is flowery, has a strong tang of Rudilo and is a great detoxifier.

Chiuri Honey: Also known as the butternut plant is found in the hilly parts of Nepal which blossoms during the winter season. This extremely versatile wild plant is a great source of honey. The honey collected from Chiuri plant is buttery and dense while deliciously sweet. The honey is also equally great for your skin.

Mustard Honey: Mustard is the smell and scenery of rural Nepal. Nothing is more picturesque than these villages with Mustard fields. Mustard plant is one of honeybee's favorite plant to gather honey from. This honey pairs great with everything and tastes incredibly delicious.

Jamun(Java Plum) Honey: Anyone who understands Ayurveda understands the deep importance of Jamun plant. Jamun or Java plum is an evergreen tropical tree and is favored for its fruit, timber, and ornamental value. The honey collected from Jamun is a well-known remedy for diabetes due to its low glycemic index while also being a great instant energy booster. This honey despite being so medicinal is also incredibly tasty as the rich taste of Jamun berry is felt in each taste.
Natural Forest Honey: The forests of Nepal have some of the most diverse floras around the world. Honeybees found in these forests collect from countless flowers and create honey that is wonderfully rich in its flavor. It is like tasting dozens of flowers at once. This honey is a known immunity booster, detoxifier and energy source. It also smells incredible like the countless flowers it is collected from !!

Bee Pollen: Highly nutritious bee product collected by bees from the anther of the flowers to feed their larvae as a preliminary food. Extracted from thousands of rare medicinal flowers found in different altitudinal regions (Himalayan, Hilly and Terai belts) of Nepal are the world's best exotic and highly beneficial pollen.It boosts the immune system, increases white blood cells, provides relief from allergies, helpful for stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, menstrual symptoms and a greatest source of protein for vegetarians.
Propolis: Collected from the hilly and Himalayan belts of Nepal, propolis is a premium Himalayan bee product that has been used as a natural remedy for various kinds of ailments. This resin like sticky substance is used by bees to make their hives. Propolis is collected from the buds, sap flows and other botanical sources from different rare medicinal flowers and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. it is used for treatment of various infections, wound healing, skin related problems, asthma, sugar, stomach problems, gastritis, ulcer, cancer, etc. It can also be used as a mouth freshener.

In the core of our work lies the deep respect towards the honeybees, the plants they gather from, and the people. Every single drop of honey is natural, organic and sustainably harvested. Our honey is lab tested for its purity and authenticity and is packaged in quality-controlled conditions. So why wait, order your jar right now. And we know that you will thank us later!!

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