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 Environmental deterioration has become a concerning issue not just in Nepal but throughout the globe. The environment is getting worse as industries are increasing and the forested area is being cleared up for urban settlements. Our activities are responsible for what the environment has undergone so far.

Divine Himalayan and Awakening Dreams have recognized the climate urgency back in 2072 B.S and set forth the vision 'Clean Nepal, Green Nepal'. We have successfully planted more than 8000 trees in three different districts (Nawalparasi, Baglung, Kathmandu) of Nepal. This campaign would not have been successful without the participation of students, government diplomats, policymakers, Environmentalists amongst others. After pulling campaign with a huge success we have planned to carry on reforestation on a larger scale in as many districts as possible.

The tree can soak the carbon dioxide emission which is driving global heating. They are like a filter to pollutants. Planting trees would be apt. action to mitigate the global catastrophe. However, plantation alone is not enough to cater to environmental degradation so to afford sustainable living. Parallelly, we should reduce fossil fuel emission to net-zero and preserve the greenery we have had.

Anything that we do be it intentional or unintentional, it counts. We as an individual can work to not let our forest denude. Just by growing trees, an individual can help make an environment greener and livable. If our small act of planting a tree does more good than harm to our environment, then why to set back.
'Do what you can, with what you have from where you are and be the part of the community.'
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