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Himalayas Exploration and Yarsa Collection Festival In Nepal

Published On: Feb 19, 2020 15:28pm

Are you interested in climbing up to the Himalayas of Nepal to explore the wonderful aspects of it? If yes, then Divine Himalayan invites you to join our expert team for a journey to Rukum and Dolpa region. It is one of the most remote and unexplored portions of Nepalese Himalayas. Each year, Divine Himalayan organizes an interesting journey that takes you to some isolated and exotic destinations in Himalayas of Nepal to an altitude of 5500 meters. The journey lets you explore the raw appeal of mountains along with the Himalayan lifestyle, floras, faunas and many more. This journey offers an opportunity to get some insights on Himalayan treasures that include medicinal herbs, crystals, shilajit, particularly essential oils, and many other Himalayan products. Besides, you can also experience honey hunting and the Yarsa collection festival live where almost all the people in the region gather, set up tents and stay for around 2-3 months in high altitudinal region for Yarsa collection. This journey is for all those people who are interested in trekking and traveling but its scope is not just limited to tourism.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, photographer or videographer, writer or poet, musician or composer, researcher, trekker, traveler or yoga/meditation practitioner, this journey can be really fruitful. Enthusiastic photographers can capture nature, Himalayas, people, and life in their lenses. Similarly, videographers can prepare a documentary on nature, Himalayas, Himalayan people, Himalayan life or Himalayan products. Writers and poets find their words instantly as they connect themselves to the mountains and other natural resources. Trekkers and travelers can make a lifetime memory while yoga & meditation practitioners can revive themselves with the positive aura of the mountains. In the ancient era, sages traveled to mountains for enlightenment and self-realization. Even today, Himalayas possesses a divine power that would lead us to self-realization and enlightenment.

During the journey, you can enjoy some spectacular views of mountains along with a few random glimpses of birds, animals, and wildlife in the Himalayas. You come across many new aspects of life. The Himalayan lifestyle, people, their struggle for survival, topographical difficulties, etc.are some aspects. The indigenous people live a traditional life and nourish themselves with fresh organic foods and for survival. The mystic mountains, pristine environment and encounter with the real Himalayan wildlife are other enthralling experiences. During the entire journey, you will be served with fresh organic foods, fruits, vegetables, and animal products. You can enjoy the taste of freshness as you climb up to the high altitudinal regions.


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