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Wild cliff Honey Extraction and Collection

Published On: Sep 10, 2019 15:23pm
Nature’s greatest gift to mankind, wild cliff honey is an exotic Himalayan product that is extracted from nectars of varieties of rare plants, flowers and Ayurvedic herbs found in the Himalayas of Nepal at an altitude ranging from 2000 meters to 4200 meters. The components in the nectars are 99% beneficial and are a cure to many health related problems in human. Wild cliff honey is the sweetest elixir on earth collected from the hives of wild cliff bees with guaranteed quality and benefits. Extraction and collection procedure :In the Himalayas of Nepal, honey hunting is a culture. The local indigenous people (tribesmen) have been extracting, collecting and using honey since ages. Divine Himalayan uses those skilled tribesmen to extract honey from the honey hives. The tribesmen prior to honey extraction worship the Himalayan God and tie ropes on to the cliffs in hills or Himalayas so that they can climb up to the hill for honey extraction. The tribesmen hence extract honey in a natural way without harming bees, Himalayan eco system and purity of honey. The honey is then collected into a clean bucket and packed by Divine Himalayan without any kind of adulteration.Health BenefitsWild cliff honey comes with multiple health benefits. • It provides relief from cough and cold • helps in digestive issues • weight management and skin rejuvenation • enhances overall vitality and libido • antifungal and antibacterial properties helps in wound healing • instant energy, increases stamina • nourishes every single cell and elevates your physical and mental healthPrecaution The high altitudinal flowers generally contain a compound called grayanotoxin which is beneficial as well as toxic at the same time. The nectars of wild cliff honey contains this compound therefore should not be taken in more amount at a time. The compound has a relaxing property that fights against various ills and increases inner cell stamina however if taken in more amount causes hallucinations and psychedelic effect. 2 teaspoon (20g) of honey in a span of 24 hours is only recommended. Our servicesWe deliver wild cliff honeys around the globe as per the order – anywhere, anytime!


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