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Bee pollen(250gm)

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Bee Pollen

Highly nutritious bee product collected by bees from the anther of the flowers to feed their larvae as a preliminary food. Extracted from thousands of rare medicinal flowers found in different altitudinal regions (Himalayan, Hilly and Terai belts) of Nepal are the world’s best, exotic and highly beneficial pollens. It boosts immune system, increase white blood cells, provides relief from allergies, helpful for stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, menstrual symptoms and a greatest source of protein for vegetarians. Bee pollen contains a high amount of antioxidants called rutin and is said to have healing properties including stress alleviation.

The Direction of consumption:
-It can be added to any diet, providing key nutrients to our body.
-It cannot be cooked but can be added to cooked meals, hot lemon, tea or coffee.
-It can be used as topping for yogurt, smoothie, and salad.
-Mix with honey or virgin coconut oil to apply as a face mask for healthy skin.

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