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We are Divine Himalayan, a family-run business created in the heart of this Himalayan country Nepal. We are young, hardworking, and look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

We specialize in the collection, research, and distribution of different Himalayan products from Nepal. From wild cliff honey to Yarsagumba to artisan coffee, we collect a wide range of products from the Himalayan villages.

Although started a decade ago, the journey of Divine Himalayan goes way back to when we were just little kids. Growing up in the pristine hills of Nepal, we grew up with the taste of nature. We know what good food should taste like. We know what good honey tastes like because that was the taste of our childhood.

This beautiful country is home to incredible mountains, a wide variety of wildlife, and wonderful people. A country with deep roots in Ayurveda, Nepal is renowned for its wild herbs and the wonders they carry. We are on an express mission to bring these same wonders to your home through our products.

We guarantee that every ounce of product that we sell is organic, natural, and sustainably harvested. We have collected these products from countless farmers from incredibly remote parts of Nepal. While doing so, we help in mobilizing unused resources with hundreds of families and actively involve ourselves in farming and collecting these products in the remote areas of Nepal.

We assure you that you will enjoy these products that we put so much love into, in their countless health benefits just like our thousands of happy customers.

Our Goals:

- To provide the purest quality products which fully organic, natural, and sustainably harvested.

- To care for nature and the people from which we collect these products. Be an example of a business with sustainability, ethics, and integrity.

- To eventually work towards the betterment of Nepali people through business, education, tourism, and health.

-To start a wellness and retreat center. A one-stop place for health, wellness, and nutrition.


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Ganesh Ghimire

Ganesh Ghimire

After a decade long study, in-depth research and experience in organic farming of Himalayas, Himalayan product researcher and Tourism expert Ganesh Ghimire came up with the idea of Divine Himalayan. A wide range of study and practice on eastern and western philosophies compelled him to think about his nation, its resources and work for the mobilization of resources advocating the holistic health of mankind. As an outcome of a person guided by hidden force, Mr. Ghimire is here with Divine Himalayan to serve people, his nation, world, and the Himalayas. He emphasizes the uplifting Himalayan region, its people, the national economy and the young generation through fair trade and protection of the ecosystem.

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